65W PD Power Adapter
65W PD Power Adapter
65W PD Power Adapter


65W PD Power Adapter

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The 65W PD Power Adapter rapidly charges KineBAT PD and GripBAT simultaneously via one USB port and one USB-C port by working with a fast Hybrid Dual Charger.  It utilizes built-in over-voltage protection and temperature control that is required for rapid charging.

V-Mount Battery Charger

In comparison to the traditional V-Mount battery charger, the 65W PD Power Adapter is designed with a quiet, portable body. Traditional V-Mount chargers often use noisy fans but the 65W PD Power Adapter has optimized a high integrated PCB design without a fan in the body, so it features no noise and a fast-charging speed.

The 65W PD Power Adapter is compatible with most USB-C electronic devices to achieve rapid charge on the go.


For use with the PD Hybrid Dual Charger

The 65W PD Power Adapter works best when paired with our PD Hybrid Dual Charger. The PD Hybrid Dual Charger is particularly suitable for BP-U or NP-F batteries over 3000mAh, such as GripBAT 2S 26Wh (3500mAh, NP-F550 compatible) and GripBAT 4S 52Wh (3500mAh, BP-U30 compatible).

When connected to a 65W PD Power Adapter, the charge current can reach 3A when charging a single channel battery. When charging two batteries, the current reaches 2A per battery. 


65W PD Power Adapter also features:

  • Multiple Safety Protections: Multiple protections are applied to the 65W PD Power Adapter with hardware optimization to make the operation safer: overvoltage protection, input overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection
  • Foldable Plug: Folding prongs contribute to its portability and the rotating plug prevents scratching other objects
  • High Quality USB-C Cable: the 5ft USB-C cable provided can support currents up to 5A for a faster charge

Note: Using a third-party USB-C cable may generate too much internal resistance to the battery pack. Only the included 5A USB-C cable is recommended for use with this charger.


Shipping List

1 x 65W PD Power Adapter

1 x 5A USB-C cable (1.5m)