Active Sony E mount
Active Sony E mount
Active Sony E mount
Active Sony E mount
Active Sony E mount


Active Sony E mount

Sale price$599.00

Kinefinity newly introduced the Active E Mount that is compatible with MAVO Cameras ( Mavo Mark2 & Mavo Edge). The long-awaited Active E Mount supports electronic control and enables you to attach your Sony E mount lens to the MAVO Edge camera, extending the range of compatible lens options.

Compared with the previous passive E mounting adapter, Active E Mount with electronic contacts allows in-camera control of IRIS, focal length, focus and lens optical image stabilization, bringing sharper imagery and more efficient workflow.

While integrating complex electronic control system, the versatile and robust Active E Mount keeps its compact and lightweight form with its aluminum, stainless steel material and only 127g weight.


Seamless IRIS control: Rotate the camera knob to adjust the IRIS; or set the lens IRIS to any stop in increments as small as 1/256 through in-camera adjustment. 

Operator-friendly Focus Length Adjustment: While using the manual focus lens, the real-time Focal Length will display on the screen; the camera also supports to tune focal length of lenses with Servo System, controlling lens zooming freely.

Smooth Focus Control*: While the lens is on AF Mode, Active E Mount supports to adjust the focus in camera; while on AF/MF Mode, users can rotate the lens focusing ring to catch the focus.

Anti-shake Function: Enable the Anti-shake function to realize sharper imagery when shooting handheld or using a telephone lens.

Efficient Interaction for Quick Adjustments: Long press the IRIS Button to enter the E Mount Lens Controlling interface where you can adjust the focal length, IRIS and other parameters based on the live image.

Live Lens Parameters Display: Display the real-time metadata on the monitoring screen of MAVO Mark2 & Edge Cameras. Users can be wise of current IRIS, focal length, as well as precise focus position.

Save the Precise Lens Metadata: MAVO Mark2 & Edge Line Cameras are enabled to communicate with the lens, automatically recognize the lens model and save the metadata into the clip. Lens information is easy to obtain either during in-camera playback or post-production.


Compatible Cameras:  MAVO Mark2 LF/MAVO Mark2 S35/MAVO Edge 6k/ MAVO Edge 8k