EF Mount Adapter mk III w/e-ND


EF Mount Adapter mk III w/e-ND

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Based on active locking mount as EF II series adapters, whole-new EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND is designed in accordance with traditional DSLR lens rotation method but have much improvement. Compared to the previous version, EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND not only possesses the traditional way to rotate the lens clockwise, but also keeps active locking to fasten the lens, thus the EF lens can be installed quickly and locked clockwise as the PL lens, which is suitable for the utilization of Follow Focus when shooting.

The EF Mounting adapter with Built-in Electronic ND (e-ND) employs high-precision hybrid of liquid crystal material, optics and electronic technology. It covers a wide range from 0.6 to 2.1 (2 stops to 7 stops).


EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND features:

  1. Increase traditional DSLR lens locking method: rotate the lens clockwise until stop;
  2. Keep cine camera active locking method: lock the lens clockwise until fasten firmly without mobile space;
  3. Hot-swap: change your lenses while the camera is on; offer extra electric protection;
  4. Electronic contacts: Support majority of EF lens with Iris control;
  5. Simple but reliable connection: the new mounting adapter matches KineMOUNT perfectly without any cord;
  6. Lightweight: it weighs only 200g, but still reliable and robust.