KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder


KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder

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KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder

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KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder is the second generation viewfinder made by KinefinityBased on the full-HD Micro-OLED screen, excellent optical design, and and advanced video processing platform, it features 1080p, 16M colors, to get accurate details and very sharp images.

Compared with the previous KineEVF, KineEVF2 has added recording button and playback/menu button. With the wheel and 1 and 2 buttons, all these comprehensive features make it easy to achieve a variety of exposure and focus assist and adjust parameters in-camera. These fucntions help to improve cinematographer’s work efficiency while enhancing the sense of man-machine interaction.

A high quality push-pull cable with locking mechanism (Kine Video Cable) is used to connect the MAVO Edge/MAVO/TERRA body, providing power and video signal.

The KineEVF viewfinder can be easily and securely mounted on the camera body with the Movcam EVF bracket.

Small and lightweight as it is, KineEVF2 weighs only 350g, suits for one-man band or a production crew.


Excellent Image Quality

Full-HD Micro-OLED Display

1080P, more pixels, higher resolution;

16M colors present super high contrasts and true black and grey level.                    

Accurate details and sharp images, make it easy to focus and exposure.

Whole-new DirectClear Platform

Powerful FPGA as basic framework optimizes image processing;

Greatly reduce the delay;                          

Smooth monitoring helps photographers shoot the dynamic image.

Excellent Optical Design

There is not visually distortion and features very sharp images on KineEVF when you check images through  eyepiece;

Provide visual enjoyment comparable to an optical viewfinder

Upgraded Interactions

New Functions of EVF2 Buttons

Adjust all camera functions taking the screen as the center including menu/playback buttons;

Adjust the camera parameters quickly and conveniently.

All-round Assistant to Focus and Exposure

A variety of auxiliary tools:waveform, histogram, false color, zoom & focus, focus peaking;

Simplify the focus and exposure process.

EVF Tally Light

The tally light at the bottom of the EVF2 instructs recording, standby, connection, warning and shutdown;

Reminds on-site status consistently.

Portable and Reliable

-6D +2D Clear Visioin

Build-in the diopter of -6D to +2D based on military spec: 600 degrees of myopia to 200 degrees of hyperopia;

Relieve from the worry of myopia.

1.8W Low Power Consumption

Power consumption only 1.8W;

Save power and lessen the burden to power supply;

Extend shooting time.

0 dB

Low power consumption with no in-fan.

Efficient heat dissipation and zero-noise EVF2 operation;

Immerse in the shooting state.

350g Compact and Light

Weighing only 350g, integrated and compact;

With dedicated EVF bracket, mini bracket;

Shoulder-friendly and flexible for various shooting methods.


Option Description and Shipping List

  1. EVF2 only: KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder;
  2. EVF2 Pack: KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder, Kine Video Cord (30cm), Movcam new EVF bracket, Eye Cushion.