KineKIT-Edge Demo
KineKIT-Edge Demo
KineKIT-Edge Demo
KineKIT-Edge Demo


KineKIT-Edge Demo

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KineKIT-Edge Demo

2801 West Magnolia Boulevard

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Build you MAVO Edge for any scenario with Movcam’s fully-customizable KineKIT cage. Featuring an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) baseplate designed to fit the power contacts at the bottom of the camera body, the MAVO Edge can be powered by two NP-F550 batteries, making it perfect for hot-swapping.  

Build Big or Small:

The KineKIT-Edge is designed for every scenario, such as tripod, gimbal, or stedicam. The KineKIT can go from a 15mm system to a 19mm system by simply adding the 15mm to 19mm baseplate to the bottom. The kit also features a 15mm rod adapter on the top handle, ideal for controlling wireless focus while on a gimbal.

KineKIT-Edge features:

  1. Enclosed Top Handgrip: Go from handheld to gimbal with this ergonomic design. Simply slide the handle on or off and secure into place with a lever lock.
  2. Top Plate: ¼-20 threaded holes on its side allows users to mount the Movcam Mini EVF bracket directly to the top plate
  3. NATO Slider on Top Plate: Install wireless follow focus motor directly through 15mm aluminum rods
  4. Side Support: One ARRI rosette and ¼-20 threaded holes designed for mounting the CheesePlate Handgrip
  5. UPS Baseplate: Two NP-F550 type batteries can provide uninterrupted power supply (for best performance, use GripBAT 2S as its capacity is 75% higher than most 2000mAh batteries on the market)
  6. Mini Viewfinder Bracket: KineEVF can be directly attached to the camera body for lightweight operation
  7. Bottom Adapter Plate: matches Movcam’s Sliding Dovetail Plate to adjust the center of weight while on a tripod. The kit can go from a 15mm system to a 19mm system by adding the 15mm to 19mm baseplate to the bottom.