KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor
KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor
KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor
KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor
KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor
KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor


KineMON-5U II Ultra-Bright Monitor

Sale price$599.00

KineMON-5U II is a touchscreen capable ultra-bright 5″ monitor dedicated to the MAVO/TERRA camera. It features a 2000nit Retina display, 1080p full-HD, and 16M colors, to ensure your footage is viewed with sharp detail. Only one Kine Video Cord is required for this monitor to get a power supply and video signal from the MAVO/TERRA camera.

With a standard ¼”-20 thread, KineMON-5U II can easily be mounted onto the camera body with a variety of accessories to accommodate different needs.

Brand-New DirectClear Platform

KineMON-5U II processes HD video with a new DirectClear platform. DirectClear utilizes powerful FPGA with low power consumption as its basic framework to optimize image processing. It features:

      • Ultra-low Latency: Monitoring latency is reduced 50% compared to traditional field monitors; especially with MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K in KineOS6.3 (and later firmwares), the latency of the whole camera system is relatively low in order to control dynamic image accurately
      • Fast Response: Boot up and power off almost instantly, while traditional monitors often need 5-10 seconds to boot up
      • Low Power Consumption: Power consumption of the monitor is largely reduced. KineMON-5UII uses no more than 6W when at full brightness, while traditional monitors use up to 18W. KineMON-5U II can stay at low temperatures without active cooling
      • True and Natural Color: KineMON-5U II adopts natural rendering to restore details and natural colors to the image instead of additional processing like deliberate sharpness and over-saturation, ensuring your footage is displayed in its true form

While employing the DirectClear platform, KineMON-7H,  Kinefinity EVF OLED and KineMON-5U II surpass other traditional monitors, especially when working with Kinefinity cameras.


2000nit Display & High Brightness Screen

Work indoors or outdoors with KineMON-5U II’s 2000nit high brightness screen. Even when competing with direct sunlight, filmmakers can still check exposure and composition as normal.

The ultra-bright monitor features OCR Full Lamination crafted with strong, transmissive tempered glass to generate higher light transmission and lower light reflection, keeping your image clear and bright even under sunlight. The KineMon-5U II also features a grease-proof AF Coating on the glass surface, keeping it easy to clean.

Tech Specs:

  • 16M colors (RGB 24-bit depth) 
  • Touchscreen Capable
  • 100% Rec.709 Gamut
  • 1920×1080 physical resolution (441ppi)
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio

Note: Add a 5-inch KineMON Sunhood to facilitate shooting in ultra-bright conditions.

Durability and Simple Connection

KineMON-5U II features a tempered glass screen and rugged milled aluminum casing for better heat dissipation.

KineMON-5U II has a standard 1/4″ threaded hole between two pin-holes ensuring a secure mounting point. Using appropriate accessories, KineMON-5UII will meet your needs in these typical scenarios:

  • KineMON Swivel Mount: Mount the monitor directly to the front of the camera body and top plate of TERRA/MAVO/Edge KineKIT;
  • KineMON Cold-Shoe Mount: Mount the monitor directly to any a cold shoe socket.
  • Movcam Quick Plate: Mount directly to the right side of the monitor, the quick plate works with Movcam’s new EVF bracket without tools
  • 6-inch Cine Arm: Mount the monitor to any arm with ¼”-20 screw for maximum customization


Core Functions and Simple Operation

The monitor’s DirectClear platform includes the following core functions:

      1. Turn on/off monitors: Push Power switch at the side to turn the monitor on or off. An LED indicator light displays the status of monitor
      2. Display Focus Peaking: Press Button 1 to turn peaking on/off
      3. Change peaking focus sensitivity: Press Button 1 for three seconds to enable sensitivity setting of peaking function
      4. RGB Histogram on input video: Press Button 2:  to show histogram in the left corner of screen
      5. Display False Color: Press Button 2  for three seconds to toggle false color which IRE based on Arri’s False Color scale
      6. Tune brightness of monitor: Press Wheel, then Rotate the wheel to change brightness of monitor at 10% step. 60% is default brightness.
      7. Set rotation of monitor: Press Wheel for three seconds, the monitor can be set rotation 180 deg manually or auto-rotation based on rotation angle of monitor itself.

*Above functions are covered in the monitor firmware v1.4.

Option Description and Shipping List

  1. Monitor: KineMON-5U II
  2. Complete Bundle: includes KineMON-5U II, Kine Video Cord (30cm), KineMON Swivel Mount, KineMON Coldshoe Mount, Wedge Block, and KineMON Sunhood.