PL Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND


PL Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND

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Electronic ND (Electronic Neutral Density Filter) is based on modern liquid crystal materials and optics controlled electronically, which is completely unlike conventional technology such as a rotating filter wheel or polarising ND Filters. The e-ND on MAVO/TERRA brings sharp images with color fidelity but without any drawbacks of traditional variable ND.

Compared to traditional optical glasses, electronic ND (Electronic Neutral Filter) gains a lot of advantages: eliminating the ND filters at the front of lenses; adjust the exposure seamlessly over a very wide range; keep MAVO/TERRA and your gear into a more compact and lightweight set when ND needed. The e-ND developed by Kinefinity also is available on EF Type.

So far, there are two types of PL mounting adapters for different scenarioes:

Regular PL mounting adapter without any filters: Clear, 0 stop;
New PL mounting adapter with e-ND in this page: 0.6~2.1, 2~7 stops;

For bundle of regular PL mounting adapter and PL mounting adapter with e-ND, you will get US$200 discount off. Compared to traditional ND filters pro package, it even costs less, while gains much more features.


Bring Optics and Electronic into One

The Mounting adapter with Built-in Electronic ND (e-ND) employs high-precision hybrid of liquid crystal material, optics and electronic technology. It covers the widest range from 0.6 to 2.1(2 stops to 7 stops).

At the same time, it remains consistent color accuracy over such wide range when working with MAVO/TERRA.

Integrate e-ND into mounting adapter, it means no optical ND filter needed in front of lenses, therefore no need of filter holder or even matte box, which reduces loads of shooting system greatly: more compact and lightweight, and also smoother operating. So it is very good for one-man band, documentary shots, shooting at harsh environments, like North and South Polar areas.

Mounting adapter with e-ND keeps MAVO/TERRA lightweight and compact, again.

At the same time, the PL mount has electronic contacts and supports Cooke i/protocol, so that it supports lenses with Cooke i/protocol and displays lens information.


Color Accuracy over Whole Range

More importantly, MAVO/TERRA can sense the e-ND and calibrate it over potential minor color shift automatically, as soon as the mounting adapter with e-ND being attached to MAVO/TERRA. Then no matter monitoring or recorded footages, MAVO/TERRA can always maintain color accuracy over the whole tuning range from 0.6 to 2.1.

For optical ND or other glass ND, camera can not detect or get any information from ND glass, and there is no way for the camera to calibrate color shift that ND introduces. However, for mounting adapter with e-ND, MAVO/TERRA can detect the e-ND automatically, and get the status of e-ND on every slight adjustment operation on e-ND, and then calibrate any potential minor color shift based on the data received. Don’t worry about the color effect when using e-ND on MAVO/TERRA, let cinematographers focus on shooting.


Continuous Adjustment over Range of 0.6~2.1

E-ND developed by Kinefinity is built on high-precision hybrid of liquid crystal material, optics and electronic control system. It covers such wide range from 0.6 to 2.1 (2 stops to 7 stops), you can use the single e-ND for shooting even in Polar areas. Smoothly and seamlessly changing the filter density is realized by wheel on MAVO/TERRA and internal firmware, no need any extra power supply or mechanical devices.

Compared to optical glasses like NiSi cine IRND filters, it needs 0.6(2 stops), 0.9(3 stops), 1.2(2 stops), 1.5(5 stops), 1.8(6 stops), 2.1(7 stops) total six glass filters. The cost and storage cost would be fairly high. Of course, you may need to add multiple glasses to get more stops.

Seamless adjustment brings an very important feature: accurate exposure stop, this is what traditional glass ND filters don’t have, and MAVO/TERRA could get best dynamic range, depth of field while remaining ISO, shutter speed and lens iris unchanged.

It takes much less time but reduces error on trial to get right exposure, because no need to replace optical glasses manually piece by piece.



  • For mounting adapter with e-ND, it can not be set to Clear, so you need to have a regular mounting adapter for low-light conditions or in-door case.
  • For mounting adapter with e-ND, when shooting on some very special liquid crystal materials, the image may show some inevitable color shift;
  • The surface of e-ND is AR-coated glass. You could clean it with much care. Any glass damage or scratches are out of warranty.